Who We Are

We Make IT Simple

We are experience IT engineers and we specialize in providing end-to-end support and solutions for small to large portfolio customers, based in Klang, Malaysia. We have started our Remote IT services not long ago, we are commit to innovation and exceptional speedy customer service.

Remote IT support is a niche market in Malaysia IT services industry. This is an alternative to on site support or hire a IT personnel to support your daily operation needs. With Remote IT support, “24 X 7” support is possible.

Why Remote IT Support?
With advances in remote access, IT industry has reached the point where roughly 95% of all network management and computer support can be performed from afar.  From server patching, to help-desk services, to firmware updates for your firewall, all it takes are some keystrokes from an engineer and you’re golden.

We aimed to make IT simple for our customers, replacing the burden of hiring a expensive but limited knowledge IT personnel. Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected managed IT services provider.